3 Questions To Answer Before Giving Up

There are days things get so difficult and you feel like throwing in the towel. There are times you don’t want to put effort in anything, you just want to sleep or stop trying. When these moments come, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Why do you want to give up?

The feelings of wanting to quit can be overwhelming. Sit down and look at the reasons why you want to quit. Are you physically tired or emotionally drained? Do you think you have no support? Do you feel alone? Have you been consumed with things and not taken care of yourself in the process? It becomes easier when you can point out the reasons why you want to give up. Once you find out what it is, then you talk to people who can help you figure out how to get better.

Who do you have around you?

At times, the people you have around you can push you to give up if they are the types that are negative. If after you ask yourself this question and you discover the people around you are pushing you towards giving up, then it is time to let them go and move closer to people that can help you out of that state of mind you are in. Avoid talking about your situation with those who do not contribute at all and talk often with the people who help you keep your motivation high.

What are you doing about it?

The most important thing is to know you are about giving up; the next stage is to do something about it. When you sit and do nothing, then, there will be no solution to your problem. So, when you want to give up, look into your source of problem and work towards doing something about it.

Never give up, there are so many things to achieve in life, therefore, keep fighting.

(The Guardian)