5 Tips On How To Sleep Early

Sleep is one essential phenomenon to human beings. The better we sleep, the more productive we get during the day. The hours of rest we get as humans determine our productivity level.

However, many people find it difficult getting to bed early or sleeping early, this can be as a result of diverse factors. Below are some tips to help you sleep early:

Reduce light exposure

Trying to sleep early? Reduce your exposure to light, these include your gadgets. Your body produces melatonin at night, which tells your body that it’s time to go to bed. But when your retinas take in light, especially blue, this light suppresses production of melatonin.

Set reminders to keep to plan

Decide what time you’re going to begin the process of getting ready for bed. Add it to your calendar, or send yourself a scheduled text at that time. Then create a very deliberate plan for exactly what you’re going to do once that reminder goes off or you get that text. Gradually, your body will get used to the routine and it becomes easy getting to bed early.

Drop your phone

Going through your social media feed might affect your getting to sleep early. Your brain is at alert and is working, this makes it difficult for it to relax or sleep. It is better to drop your phone and allow yourself to rest.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol or cigarette before bed

All of these interfere with getting to sleep and can make you active throughout the evening. Consuming any or all of these three can adversely affect the quality of your sleep.

Condition your environment for sleeping

Keep the modern distractions out.  Get rid of the TV, PC and stereo in your bedroom.  Make it a place to get your full night’s rest. Invest in lighting that can be dimmed to promote sleep. Ensure you make your bed the moment you wake up, this guarantees that it’s ready to be a place of relaxation at the end of the day.

The colour scheme of your bedroom can also contribute to a more restful slumber. Your walls, sheets, pillows, and decor should be done in soothing colours. You can find out colours that soothe the brain and makes it a place of relaxation.

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