Black Soot: Hilda Dokubo Laments Pollution In Port Harcourt

Happy SOOT year. Residents of Port Harcourt have been living with tightness of air for years. This year for whatever reason the tightness spread to other parts of southern Nigeria.

Residents of Lagos witnessed it throughout the holiday period and even now people are still saying there is something in the air, we don’t know what it is, the air is tight…maybe it is Omicron… all kinds of tales. I am not a medical doctor although @alibabagcfr put me in a doctor’s scrub on the 1st of January, I am however a human being and I know when my body is in any kind of discomfort. The truth is the air is polluted with particulate matters. This experience is worst than covid in whatever variant. My question is are there now more unhealthy hydrocarbon activities around us? Or is the wind spreading it? The government cannot keep acting ignorant of this situation!

Please people wear your nose mask not just because of Covid but to also protect you from particulate matters induced cancer