Fulani herdsmen planning to overrun Igboland, ADF warns

An Igbo group, Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) has raised the alarm that armed Fulani insurgents are waging a holy war against Ndigbo and her neighbours.

In a statement by ADF’s president, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala on Sunday, the group alleged that the survival of Alaigbo and her neighbours was in grave danger.

“There is imminent danger! Our individual survival and the survival of Alaigbo and her neighbors are in grave danger! Jihad is set to be unleashed. Our entire territory, indeed our ancestral homes have been technically overrun by trained armed Fulani insurgents!

Speaking on the 2019 presidential election, the group noted that the planned conquering of the Igbo race by the marauding herdsmen would depend on whether President Muhammadu Buhari wins the poll or not.

“This plan will take effect following the 2019 General Elections. It will take place following the election whether Buhari wins or not. It will take effect whether Atiku wins or not. If Buhari wins, the Jihad will be unleashed. If he loses, the same thing will happen with greater fury.

“If Atiku wins the Jihadist may suffer some demoralization and may need time to recover its full momentum. The recovery of the momentum depends on what we do. If he loses the election then the Jihadists shall have a field day unchallenged.”

ADF urged Alaigbo and other endangered ethnic groups in the country to resist any attempt to take over the country by armed Fulani jihadists.
“So we cannot fold our hands. We must throw in all we have to join forces with other endangered zones to ensure he doesn’t win.”



(The Authority News)