Generosity of Prince Ned Nwoko continues as he gives more houses to people

In what has now been agreed as his nature, Prince Ned Nwoko is at it again in his unequalled generous lifestyle.

They (ndi iwe) say he is wicked. That he takes people’s land by force without paying. They say the source of his wealth is questionable. They say he is not a Prince and not a lawyer, much less an international one. They say he does not love Christians. That he impregnates young girls without marrying them. They say he is owing many banks worldwide.

They say he is working for Fulani interest because he is a Muslim. They say he does not respect or recognise Anioma culture. They say he does not pay his workers. They say he bribes every body bribeable. They say he wants to remove a traditional ruler who does not even have a staff of office years after the last king died.

They see nothing good in this worthy Prince, philanthropist, international lawyer, malaria eradicator, lover of culture and life, humanist, humility personified (takes and returns all his calls no matter how late or burdensome), sports supporter, epicurean and world tourist. We can go on and on showering encomiums of this illustrious son of ours and forex Billionaire.

Yes, he is a legitimate wealth creator thanks to the Paris club multi million refund of loan over payment to Nigeria which he structured and was duly rewarded handsomely in British pounds and US dollars. We know this as a fact and you can Google it too.

Ask Ngozi Okonjo Iweala who was Finance minister. Better still, ask any top finance and government guru in Nigeria and abroad. Plus he was smart enough to enter into good on going business with ALGON, the umbrella organisation of all local government areas in Nigeria. That transaction is legal and irrevocably guaranteed by the federal government.

So he has no need for bank loans like most of our big men. He has no children outside wedlock. He continues to spend a fortune to fight malaria which is the largest killer of black people worldwide. He has endowed many professorial chairs worldwide with several honorary doctorate degrees to show for it. Yet he is so humble that he never uses the prefix, Dr. Just call him Ned. Even Okada riders call him Ned to his face and he gives wads of notes to them in return.

Regina Daniels

He goes through any airport and things come to a halt because people flock to him naturally. A generous and humble celebrity all at once! The God given Prince appellation does not go to his head as the Nwoko blood flows through his veins. His looks prove that including his early Palace up bringing which nobody can genuinely deny as it takes two to sire a child.

Ayin cha nwe ebo nabi as no one can impregnate himself or herself. Forget what Biden and the Democrats are trying to do.

He pays his numerous workers and independent contractors well and regularly hence they are fiercely loyal to him. He is large hearted and accommodates all. Most of his workers are even Christians. He respects our Royal fathers and does not joke with their welfare. Which is why he stands with those who want the Idumuje Ugboko kingship return to its original owners. They are all Nwokos and are now all on the same page with the enthronement of King Solomon who all Anioma Royal fathers have endorsed.

But Ned is not all goody goody. He does not suffer fools gladly. If you run anybody down behind that person’s back to him, he is sure to call the person and verify. He does not trust easily. Which person of consequence does? He does not take stupid advice nor can you lie to him. He neither drinks alcohol nor smokes anything. Not even cigarette. This avid golfer building Africa’s first sports University in his village can be forgiven the one vice men have.

All men. Save the impotent and /or the dastardly poor. Thank God he is none of that. Nor is this writer. Can I say that too for you? Hopefully.

Prince Ned Nwoko built and gifted several houses for some families in Ugboko.

Prince Ned Nwoko built and gifted several houses for some families in Ugboko.

The entire family of chukwunwalilior are saying thank you and may God reward you more with long life

God bless him and his continually. Isee!

Scripted by Tonnie Oganah, a lawyer, Publisher and community leader of record.