Idumuje Ugboko controversy: What envy can do to us all.

Attached to this publication are some attachments which very few will bother to read. This is because the blackman hates reading and depends more on rumours especially if it is malicious and repeated several times by many people. A lie told often begins to wear the toga of truth. That has been the sad lot of Prince Ned Nwoko, a man most love to love but a noisy minority love to hate. To this later group, they see nothing good in him.

So we attempt an executive summary for those interested in a peaceful resolution of the issues based on justice and nothing else.

In the beginning, Ugboko was founded by Obi Nwoko 1 who had a peaceful reign. His great grandson, in coming Obi Eziokwubundu (so very apt as truth is the basis of genuine living) Nwabuokei Nwoko is truly qualified as those who reigned before him were Regents, one of whom was even a woman! Now that the true princes and Aniocha North Royal Fathers have spoken, we call on the government of Delta state to give him his staff of office so true reconciliation can begin. He is mentally stable, had a very distinguished career and is very well educated. He has not threatened anyone with banishment nor has he expressed a willingness to give one person’s chieftaincy title to another. He is a man of peace who will not employ thuggery or blackmail in his reign.

He has a heir and no criminal charge whatsoever is hanging over his head like a sword of damacles. Therefore he will get due security clearance which is a sine qua non and condition precedent to endorsement by government. He is not suspected to have killed the late Obi Albert Nwoko nor did he sleep with any of his wives. He wants more investors for Ugboko who will build more universities and petrol stations so that all can prosper jointly. He should be acceptable to all as he is a compromise candidate.

A man of Prince Ned’s standing is not to be trifled with as once he sets his mind on any mission, he goes all out to achieve it. Cost regardless. Both in cash and kind. Kick Malaria out of Africa and the Stars University projects attest to this claim. And that he is determined to right the Ugboko wrong over the years is commendable as he is not fighting to be made king himself. The other side badly under estimated Ned’s capacity. If you Google his networth on the Internet, you will get one billion and five hundred thousand US dollars only.

But when we pointedly asked him, he laughed it off and vocalised his true worth which is light years ahead of that! See where envy comes in? Add to that his tourist attraction homes world-wide, private jets, charisma, simplicity and several embodiments of beauty in human and non living forms. Particularly when backed with a large heart of gold and fabled generosity to very noble causes. He earns forex and has investments across the globe yet he spends largely in Naira.

He has no need to borrow money! How then can they wish him broke? ‘Wa bu Chukwu’, who lifts one up and pulls the other down?

Does prosperity belong only to Christians? Spiritual principles are of general application. If anything, the more he gives, the more he gets. This is a spiritual principle across humanity. Heads he wins, tails they lose. Why plot death or evil against another? Well, the police are still investigating the veracity of the allegation. Those waiting for his downfall are waiting for godot. It is more helpful to celebrate one of Anioma’s top most best so he can do more for our people.

‘Maka na eto dike na nke omepu omezi kwe ozo ‘.But there are those who do not want this crisis to end since they are chopping from both sides. We want the impasse to abate but only if the end of justice is served. And so truth cannot and should not be sacrificed on the altars of expediency, bribery or political correctness. Yes, the other anti-Ned side has petrol station money too made available by someone who is not even a Prince either paternally or maternally. And we are talking millions of Naira in TV abuse, social media slander and newspaper advertisements as if Ned is the only one that can afford to build a university for our people. OK build a polytechnic as Ugboko still has a lot of land. It shares boundaries not only with Onicha Ugbo, Aniofu and Umunede but also with several towns in Edo state.

By acquiring more than 75% of his university land from Onicha Ugbo legally, he has actually expanded the frontiers of Idumuje Ugboko and this is very commendable. He deserves a befitting high level Royal Title from Ugboko shortly.

Go to Ekpoma and see how late Prof Ambrose Folorunsho Alli is still being deified for establishing the university in his town with government funds. However. Ned is using his personal sweat generated funds yet ‘unu eyene isi koloko’. We have counselled him to either bring that university to Onicha Ugbo or establish a new town called Onicha Ugboko. We know the value of education.

In the beginning, land was said to be the cause of the crisis but this is not true as the land is majorly not Ugboko’s at all. And the construction going on involves workers from all parts of Anioma and beyond.

The attachments are not forgeries nor did they emanate from Ned as he did not write any of them. The reports clearly exonerated Ned and blames the other side. The police report even goes as far as to call for the prosecution of the other side for the giving of false information to the police concerning the false terrorism charge against Ned.

The Delta state government report is in harmony too as it didn’t indict Ned. Our Royal fathers have long said the same thing in Ned’s favour. Can all these institutions be wrong biko nu? Did Ned bribe all of them including government?

Does the other side not have money too? ‘kilozi’ umu Ezechime? Udo ete maka o mana ezi oku bu ndu. Ayin ekue lio. Jenu ka yin kwa dho mhe olili na Obi ofu aba ha. Isee. Egbe belu Ugo ebelu. Mana Nke si zi na… ‘ Give our people peace and prosperity biko nu. More Campuses and petrol stations, hotels and farms are welcome as they are not mutually exclusive.

Attached are documents exonerating Ned

Scripted by Chief (Prince) Tony Oganah, a lawyer, Publisher and community leader of record.