Incredible Advantages To Being Left-Handed

Today marks the International Lefthanders Day which celebrates the rarity of people who are left-handed as opposed to approximately 90% of the world’s population who are righthanded.

Here are four advantages left-handed people have:

1. According to a 2014 study, left-handed people were found to be better drivers than those who are right-handed. This is believed to be because cars are designed for right-handed drivers, meaning left-handed drivers must pay more attention to detail.

2. While this isn’t a proven fact, left-handed people may have a better chance of becoming president. Out of the past 15 presidents, seven have been non-righties, meaning there may be some advantage to being a leftie.

3. In time-sensitive sports, it is harder for right-handed people to adjust when competing against left-handed people. Well, one can say this means that lefthanders have an advantage when it comes to certain sports.

4. Researchers believe that left-handed people are wired in a way that makes them able to recover from a stroke better than right-handed people. In left-handers, the part of the brain in charge of staying alert can be spread out on both sides, while in right-handers it’s only on the right side.

(The Guardian)