Is Ned Nwoko’s Anioma (International) Sports University still relevant?

Many people who do not know Prince Ned Munir Nwoko, an international corporate lawyer across several jurisdictions for decades thought his dream of establishing a world class Sports University in his home town of Idumuje Ugboko was a politician’s empty promise full of false hopes and dreams. A fluke!

They saw it as a vote catching gimmick from the pit of hell designed to pull the wool over the eyes. Alas! ‘Onu kun Jo eku mhe nhe nma-blessings have replaced curses! Hitherto ignorant folks have now seen the light. Those very controversial but legally acquired plots of land from Onicha Ugbo and Ugboko citizens now proudly host the site of the University which is now poised to positively transform Anioma land forever. Well beyond your lifetime if you are reading this article.

Ned Nwoko's Stars University Idumuje-Ugboko nears completion (photos)

Philanthropic minded yet very humble Ned who should easily win the Delta North senatorial race due early next year says the University will have an 80% sports curriculum bias with only 20% devoted to general academic knowledge since other universities are not sports biased like his. This is innovation par excellence! Important as education is to the evolution of modern society, one does not need to be academic minded to benefit from this laudable project. It is enough that you love sports and you desire to take it up as a profession or career. Being a University, age or gender is no barrier to admissions.

Accreditation of courses is in top gear as school resumes in earnest early next year before the elections barring unforeseen circumstances from the government end as Ned is ready to run with his vision. Lecturers and administrative staff will be interviewed soon enough. Merit is sure to be a criterion for engagement but emphasis must be on engaging very qualified Anioma citizens first whether as students or staff as our people have suffered enough.

This project ‘ye ficha pu anyi anya mili akwa ike nke Chukwu. Ise’. Jobs and further enlightenment will be for the enhancement of the Anioma nation at large be you Aniocha, Ndokwa, Ika or Oshimili. This writer will openly criticise him if he short changes our people. But Ned has a long history of siding with our people, especially the downtrodden masses,the grassroots which is his strongest weapon in politics. He is always siding with the people and not the influential like him.

We congratulate him on this mission as profit making is not his aim-scholarships will be given liberally to deserving students. He seeks to truly empower our Anioma people with utilitarian education and true generational wealth. He does not count cost in Anioma related matters.

The world celebrates the likes of Tobi Amusan today. ‘Echi echi’ the world shall also celebrate our Okafors. Adaolies. Okonkwos. Adafos. Products of our International Sports Idumuje Ugboko University. Courtesy of the Senator in waiting. For that is his true and forever legacy. Not even his anti-malaria efforts, Golf, private jets, beautiful young women, epicureanism, land acquisition, et al.

Better days and amenities is Anioma’s portion if he sweeps the polls as he truly deserves to. And is widely expected to.

By Prince Tonnie Oganah, a community leader, publisher and Lawyer.