Mother of triplets sacked by flood, trapped in Delta

A mother of five, Mrs Yalere Tebeka-emi, kicked out with other members of her family from their residence by ravaging flood at Kpakiama community, Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State, has been stuck at a traditional delivery home in Bomadi town after giving birth to triplets.

I appeal to Gov Okowa, others to come to my rescue – Mrs Tebeka-emi, mother of triplets. The woman, who escaped with her husband, Mr Tebeka-emi Elaemi and children from flood-prone Kpakiama community, told NDV:

“When I was asked to go for scanning, I visited Resonance Medical Diagnosis Centre, Bomadi and the result stated that I was carrying triplets. “So, when I presented the scan result to General Hospital, Bomadi, the doctor said I must go through caesarian section because the babies were in abnormal positions. But I rejected the directive within me, vowing that I would never go through the operation, but deliver as a normal woman.

“On Tuesday, 13th October 2020, around 12 am, I went into labour at home and my husband and I went to a traditional midwife close to us, who is a masseuse and has been taking care of me since the inception of my pregnancy.

“She attended to me immediately and at 1.08 am, the first baby, and a female, came out headward, at 1.32 am, the second one, also female, came out butt ward and at 1.42 am, the third baby, a male, came out headward. “I thank God for safe delivery as He has answered my prayer.

I also thank those who have made personal commitments with gift items in the care of my babies. “Now, we are still in this little delivery room, we cannot go back home because it has been overrun by the flood. We are battling hard to survive here with the babies. This is my sixth birth, we had five kids before these triplets.

“I want to appeal to Gov Ifeanyi Okowa to please help us because it’s not easy for us. I heard that the state government is benevolent towards people in our situation. Please, do not neglect us,” she begged.

Flood confined them in the delivery room- Kereotu, a traditional midwife. However, the traditional midwife and masseuse, Madam Ebimoere Kereotu, thanked God for the safe delivery, stressing: “I have been very careful and diligent since after the scan result.” “I actually asked her to go for a scan when I noticed that there was more than one child in the womb.

“Though the scan result stated that the Expected Delivery Date (EDD) was 11th November 2020, she went into labour and the babies came out on 13th October 2020, a difference of 28 days. “They are still trapped in my delivery room because they have nowhere to run to as a result of the flood,” she said.

I’m in serious despair ― Elaemi, jobless husband The husband, Mr Elaemi, however, said that caring for the newborn babies was his everyday headache. “I am in a serious depression, caring for newborn babies is my main challenge, coupled with the flood that has sacked us from our home.

“I never expected that my wife would carry three babies at once when doing the thing in the other room. “Government, both state and federal, as well as well-meaning individuals, should please give me a helping hand. “I do not have a job to take a good care of these babies, I labour to survive with my family”, he said )