Nollywood excited by Governor Okowa’s Asaba film village project

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s quest to build a world class film village in Asaba, the Delta state capital, has earned him plenty of plaudits from the Association of Movie Producers of Nigeria.

The group paid the governor a courtesy visit at the Government House Asaba, on Friday, August 28, 2020, while in the state for their annual general meeting.

President of the group, Ralph Nwadike, said the movie producers are delighted with the world class film village being built in Asaba by the Delta State government.

He said Nollywood can now proudly declare Asaba its home.

“We have been to the Asaba Film Village project and now we can boldly say we have a home and a base here in Asaba.

“I am commending you Mr. Governor with every zeal and zest because we are indeed coming to the promised land. I say this with all seriousness because wherever we go all over the world as film makers, they ask us: ‘where exactly is Nollywood?’

“Nollywood started from Zeb Ejiro’s office but there is no place to say this is Nollywood like they have the Bollywood and Hollywood in India and America. And so, going to the Asaba film village will be our own Canaanland.

“It’s a promised land, it’s not just a Nollywood city, it’s a place where we can call home and we are really proud of what Governor Okowa is doing there.

“The importance of all these is economic growth. Our restive youths be taken off the street seeing as they will now have something to do. It’s indeed a massive place and a creative arena where everybody in the film industry will find something to do.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Association, Zeb Ejiro, eulogized the governor for embarking on the film village project.

“We have gone round Asaba and we have seen the good works you are doing. You are the first governor in this country to build a film village and by the grace of God the Association of Movie Producers will be here to celebrate with you during the inauguration.

“It will create massive employment and solve crime because it will take a lot of youths off the street.

“Tourism is one of the word’s greatest income earners and as movie producers, we identify with your dream to make Delta the leading movie hub for West Africa; and when this place is completed, it will attract world class studios that will come to partner with us here.

“As the biggest movie producers in Nigeria and the highest employers of labour in the movie industry, we seek the opportunity to work with you on this project and to integrate us into your tourism potentials so that together we can make Delta the hub of the movie industry in West Africa,” he said.

“In terms of creativity, the film village will boost our productions especially having the opportunity to recreate anything that the mind can conjure and that alone is a huge boost to what it takes to achieve the creative part of film making.

“Nigerians have been known to fly to places like South Africa for high tech, multi tech back up, but this is going to be here on our doorsteps. And for the projection and evolution of the industry, this is so timely.

“The industry has been evolving and this is bringing a new lease of life to the industry and we are being reborn.

“We can now say Nollywood is in Asaba because it will have the availability of technology which includes high end equipment, high end production facilities among others.

“We are particularly happy for having everything gathered together in one spot. This has been a major challenge and we have been crying for this. Now, the vision is clear and I could see the tremendous work going on there. It’s indeed a vision for Nigeria, West Africa and Africa and this alone is a big kudos to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa and all those working with him to achieve this feat,” Amata said.

Okowa thanked the movie producers for coming back home to contribute to the development of the state.

“Let me welcome you all to Delta and I express my excitement that you are mainly Deltans because Deltans have done quite a lot in the movie and entertainment industry.

“We thank you for returning home to conduct your elections, having contributed a lot to Delta. I’m glad that you have gone to the film village being developed alongside a pleasure park.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the pace with which we intended to work in that and we could have done better than it is now, but hopefully it will be completed by next year.

“We are aware that most movies in Nigeria are shot in Delta and Asaba to be precise. The importance of the entertainment industry in job creation and economic development of Delta State cannot be overemphasized.

“We will create a functional movie village and with time, we will partner with the private sector to manage the film village. I welcome you to Delta and wish you well in your elections,” he stated.