Psychology of Hon Prince (Dr) Ned Munir Nwoko’s motivations

‘Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race because there are people dying if you care enough for the living make a better place for you and for me. ..’

That very popular song is by Michael Jackson and summarises Ned’s mission on planet earth!

Proof? Let us go…

Why will he seek to eradicate malaria caused by the female anopheles mosquito when Idumuje Ugboko his home town where he grew up has no mosquito because it is several meters above the sea level if not for his quest to improve the quality of life of the blackman who suffers more from malaria given our poor quality of life and filthy environment?

Malaria kills more blacks in Africa than Covid19 yet only Ned is tackling it frontally on several fronts :awareness, a cleaner environment coupled with fumigation, recycling of waste products that will ultimately generate energy to power up Africa. Add to that, production of vaccines to kill off the parasite once for all as the pest not only bites but injects the victim with the malaria venom.

Should Ned succeed in this venture his name will not only be written in platinum, beyond gold, but he will be up there with the gods as I told him at a very recent lavish reception he had for the Special envoys of both the United Nations and the World Health Organisation at his Mount Ned Ugboko residence which stands next to the STAR University where work proceeds at an even more frenetic pace. This philanthropic Billionaire is not interested in petrol stations or bakeries. Not even partisan politics.

He has transited to statesmanship and international philanthropy. He continues to do what he has always done for decades – gift homes and scholarships to deserving Anioma citizens as well as extending his Ned Nwoko foundation to intervene in job creation, agriculture and medicine without ignoring sports and the arts. He is an avid golf enthusiast, tennis buff and swimming freak. Evidence of this abounds in his numerous homes worldwide. How he loves his wife, the talented actress, Regina who was at the reception with her equally beautiful mother who expectedly is more buxom as a full and well rounded African woman. Some may even prefer her. Pardon the digression please.

But why will such a kind hearted fellow be involved in kingship tussle and land grabbing as his few but vocal detractors have severally accused him of?

Envy, short and simple. Only the tree with the juiciest fruits attracts more stones. Call it bad belle or belly aching. One example will suffice as observed at the reception. Ugboko indigenes, male, female, young, old trooped to his home to welcome him

Below is IGP report on the petition

Delegations from several parts of Nigeria were also there. Northerners. Yorubas. Ijaws. Urhobo and Isoko. Ika. Itsekiri. Of course Aniocha, Oshimili. You will be forgiven if you mistook the scene for a political rally. He interacted with them all, no airs. Love was on display. Mutual love from the people and from him. Genuinely given and received in return.

This man cannot be separated from his people. Enough to eat, drink and take away. Music from a DJ and also a live band added to the aura of euphoria. Nke Ned onye Obi oma kawa bia. TDB. Till day break. Olili na nkwali. Kingship tussle temporarily forgotten. Ned is supporting Solomon Eziokwubundu who is a direct great grandson of the first ruler and founder of Ugboko, Obi Nwoko from whom all Nwoko’s derive their Prince Hood and Princess status.

The very fountain of authenticity which Aniocha North Royal Fathers have again recently endorsed for the second time along with the new local government Chairman, Hon Kelvin Okwechime.

See letters below:

Those who accused Ned of thuggery and brigandage have since had their case thrown out by the police.

See the three documents attached as per the Royal Fathers resolution, Chairman’s findings and police report for independent evaluation.

We speak the truth not propaganda. We all await the final nod from the Delta State government to stamp a seal of finality once the legal hurdles have been surmounted, hopefully in good time.

All in all, ku cha sia bo ka sia, this global citizen of ours wants peace and progress for all based on justice. As a lawyer, there are no surprises there at all. So those who murdered his supporter will have to face the music irrespective of their daughter’s Hollywood or Nollywood status.

He should not be distracted by false accusers. Eziokwubundu ogen cha! Ji si ike Nwaeze Ogalayan.

Scripted by Tonnie Oganah, a lawyer, Publisher and community leader of record.