Sounds Of Our Time…A Look Back To African Drums Festival

The significance of Drums to Africans cannot be overemphasised. A typical traditional ceremony is not complete without it. With drumming and songs, Africans are able to tell stories, pass messages and keep history alive.

This makes drums invaluable in many African communities. Drums have been an intrinsic part of African life for centuries and for many generations, it is used to celebrate all the aspects of life.

The African Drum Festival, held in Abeokuta annually, is a unique platform aimed at bringing Africans together through drums.

It was an amazing experience to tell my own story of the from the African Drum Festival 2019.

The beauty about the drum festival is the coming together of old and young people, and across gender divide. This woman has consistently attended the festival since its inception and her joy was contagious, she insisted I photographed her.

(The Guardian)