Taming kidnapping

KIDNAPPING has become a menace in many communities across the country. It is a criminal activity that threatens the lives of people, especially the young ones.

 Kidnapping is carried out with the specific purpose of obtaining ransoms from the families of victims.

Most times, the victims might be used for money rituals.

The victims are always held against their will, pending the payment of  ransoms which are received by the perpetrators of the crime.

The kidnappers deny their victims the right to free movement. One corollary of the situation is that private and public bodies no longer feel completely secure in our communities.

The fear of being a victim of kidnapping causes problems. Given the foregoing, the government should make the security of the citizens its primary focus.

Without security of lives and property of the citizens, there will be no peace.

The government should also address poverty by creating employment opportunities for  youths.

 It should also reduce corruption through adequate punishment for those found guilty. Justice should be dispensed without fear or favour.

Also, security agencies must continually be given adequate training  and equipment to safeguard the lives of citizens.

Source (Nigerian Tribune)